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It’s Wednesday!  Let’s see what looks interesting this week.


black widow 9

1. Black Widow #9

I actually have to catch up to this series, but I enjoy what I’ve read so far.  This issue Natasha teams up with The Punisher, and she also appears in his series.  I’m not a fan of The Punisher but I’m told you don’t need to read his comic to make sense of hers, its the same story from different perspectives.  I might still pick his up, depends on how much I like Black Widow’s issue.

she-hulk 7

2. She-Hulk #7

If you haven’t been reading She-Hulk, this may be a good place to jump on board.  Last issue ended with She-Hulk finding she was suddenly in demand as a lawyer and dropped the case she was working on, so presumably the Blue File plot is finished…for now.


3. Manga Classics: Les Misérables

If you would like to preview this book, Comixology has the Free Comic Book Day preview, which, of course, is free.  I really liked the preview; I never read Les Misérables…or seen the movie or the musical…hey, it is hard to meet your Goodreads goals with large books!  However, the preview was quite moving and emotionally engaging.  I think the art work might be a bit too pretty for the gritty subject matter, but on the other hand, its nice for an adaptation of a rather dark novel to show restraint rather than revel in it.

pride and prejudice

4. Manga Classics: Pride and Prejudice

Shortly before Free Comic Book Day, I read the first issue of Marvel’s Pride and Prejudice, and I really disliked it.  It just seemed too much like the direct adaptation comic books I had as a kid that didn’t add anything.  There was a preview for Manga Classics: Pride and Prejudice included in the Les Mis preview, and it was much more enjoyable.  Where I might criticize the Les Mis manga for being too pretty, this hits all the right notes.  Pride and Prejudice is supposed to be pretty!  I’ve been looking forward to reading the whole thing and not picking up as many single issue comics as I would have just so I can squeeze this into my budget.


Well, its a short but expensive list! What are you getting this week?