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Wow, we’re halfway into October!  Is it just me or do weeks fly by when you collect comics?  Regrettably, I have only one new spooky series for you (am I the only person who wants spooky comics all the time in October?), but two of my favourite series have new issues out!

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow #1

Are you watching this show?  It’s just about the only show on TV right now that I actually get excited for.  I’d explain the premise but it sounds kind of ridiculous, just trust me and go check it out!  I especially recommend it to any burnt out Supernatural fans.

Ms Marvel 9

Ms. Marvel #9

This is still my favourite series!  Also, the first trade paperback for the series is released today, so if you haven’t been reading, it is a marvelous way of catching up!

lumberjanes 7

Lumberjanes #7

My second favourite series! The trade isn’t coming out until next year (SIGH) but it is such a wonderful series.  I actually got my roommate to read and collect it, and she’s no comic book fan.  My only gripe with the series is that Girl Guides was never this cool to me.

storm 4

Storm #4

Hey, did you know Storm and Wolverine were dating before Wolverine’s untimely (and let’s face it, temporary) demise?  So of course she has a tie in with the Death of Wolverine event.  I actually liked this ship so I won’t complain; so long as it doesn’t dominate the series from here til his inevitable revival.