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Yesterday, Marvel announced one of my favourite heroes is getting her series cancelled, but considering the writer’s schedule, I am not surprised.  But I also have a #1 issue for you, and also a jumping point into an already existing series.

scissorhands #1

Edward Scissorhands #1

Edward is back in a sequel series to the movie.  So obviously, you should watch the movie before you read this.  And keep a box of tissues near you when you do!  Lets just say the movie gives me a lot of feels and I can’t help but cry at the end.  Every time.

Catwoman 35

Catwoman #35

The New 52 has not been kind to Selina Kyle.  At first, it was promoted as a “sexy, sexy book” by her first writer Judd Winick.  The first issue got some flack for being obsessed with Selina’s bras (New 52 Selina was said to be a lover of nice bras and if you went into her apartment, there would be bras everywhere) and also a scene in which Catwoman forces herself on Batman and they have sex with their costumes on.  Yeah.  You may have noted also that the bras that Selina allegedly really really loved disappeared as she started wearing her catsuit with the zipper down to her navel with no bra on, because if there is one thing women with large breasts love is doing crazy gymnastics with no support.  I’m going to blame that on her Arkham City appearance.

The book was then handed off to Ann Nocenti, who did seem to treat Selina with more respect but I couldn’t stick with it, I just found it very mediocre.  Now, the book is being written by novelist Genevieve Valentine and Selina Kyle becomes a crime boss of Gotham.  I haven’t read Valentine’s novels but the premise has me intrigued, and from what I understand you don’t need to have read Catwoman #1-#34 to understand what is going on.  I am cautiously optimistic; growing up Catwoman was my favourite Batman character so it would be great to be able to enjoy her book.

She Hulk 9

She-Hulk #9

Yes, She-Hulk will be cancelled with issue #12 in January.  Was it Pulido’s art? Poor sales?  Well, Shulkie hasn’t been selling well, but her sales are not the worst of Marvel.  I was personally expecting Elektra to be cancelled first, although I should also say that we do not know digital sales numbers, so for all I know combined with digital She-Hulk IS the worst seller.  But writer Soule has a lot on his plate at Marvel, and has already dropped books due to his busy schedule.  I am not too worried, however.  She-Hulk is a very popular character and I am sure she will be back soon.

stumptown #2

Stumptown Vol 3 #2

Greg Rucka is one of my favourite comic writers, but mostly I collect  them in trade, as I usually do with indies that  have a hiatus period.  The book goes on hiatus and you can pick up the trade paperback before new issues come out, and I tend to  forget what is going on if there is a particularly long hiatus.  But Stumptown is an exception for me because each volume wraps up nicely and stands on its own.  If you missed issue #1, you can easily catch up now, or pick up the first two volumes if you’re so inclined.  Stumptown is about a private investigator named Dex and I highly recommend it if you’re into mystery novels.