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If you’ve been watching Sailor Moon Crystal, you may have wondered why the game featured in the anime was never released.  It looks insanely fun and cute, and it would be an amazing tie in to the anime series.  The Sailor V arcade game is actually very important in the manga and the anime, and there have been fan made games in the past. Today you can add one more, that borrows heavily from Crystal‘s aesthetic.

The new Sailor V game was released yesterday on Google Play.  The developer Duo Imagination has released a video showing off the gameplay:

I downloaded the game last night, and it is fairly difficult.  The screen moved very fast to the point where it was very hard to predict when you have to jump or double jump; sometimes several single pillars required you to jump before they even become visible on screen, so getting very far in the game depended a lot on luck rather than skill, and the highest score I was able to get was 972.

Duo Imagination has been reading the reviews on Google and today released an update that slowed the scrolling down, as well as added items such as hearts and wings. The hearts are for healing, but I am not sure what the wings do.  I assume they fill up the crystals you need for the Venus Love and Beauty Shock attack, which I really haven’t found a need for so I never use it, but also I believe them to be absolutely cursed because the odd time I have seen a wing, I plummeted to my doom. So unless you do make a habit of using that attack, don’t kill yourself trying  to collect a wing!  If I figure it out or if I find info on what they actually do, I will update this post.

I’ve only played with the update for about half an hour, and got my high score up to 1617.  It is much easier now, though I had an adjustment period since I was now used to the high speed scroll.  The game is extremely simple, but pretty fun and addicting and I really recommend giving it a try.  There will be more updates to fix certain bugs and maybe add more features, and I will update if they do.

Update October 30, 2014: The wings are an extra life, if you run out of hearts, you will automatically get three more if you have a wing in your inventory in the top right hand corner.   They’ve also released another update so there are more monsters now.  You might need those wings!