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If you haven’t heard, in June, Marvel is cancelling (or putting on hiatus, they’re being pretty coy with the details) 33 titles in June to make way for the Secret War event.  Secret Wars will combine the current Marvel universe with other universes, primarily the Ultimate Universe.

Many people have speculated that this is how they would bring back He-Thor and Steve Rogers, ending the short reign of Thor and Sam Wilson as Captain America.  Well, today we got a sneak peak at the post-Secret Wars core Avengers line up today, and look who made it.

avengersLooks like the new Thor remains, Ms. Marvel is joining the big leagues, and unless there is some crazy misdirection going on, that’s Sam Wilson with the shield in the middle.  Of course, crazy things can still happen.  He-Thor can find an alternate universe Mjolnir, and Steve Rogers can de-age (or a young alternative universe Steve Rogers can join the new one) and we’ll have two Thors and two Captain Americas running around.  Hey, it works for the two Hawkeyes!

All said, I was not too worried for Thor.  Jason Aaron had previous said he wanted her to have a long run, and she’s been selling very well- more than He-Thor’s last run, in fact.  Marvel has been pretty good lately about winning new female readers, and I can’t see them doing a bait-and-switch so soon.  Sam Wilson, on the other hand, I was a little bit worried about, but it looks like he’s not giving up the shield any time soon.

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