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Well, I’ve been absent for a while. The good news is, I finally finished school! The bad news is, I really fell behind on comics during my final semester.

Now that I have time for them again, I’ve had to make some hard choices. A few series I was reading were canceled, and others I have missed so many issues I might as well trade wait on them. The Secret Wars event mercifully paused several of my Marvel books, but for the most part I had to seriously consider what I was going to catch up on now, and what can wait until later. To catch up on every single issue I missed would put me out of a lot of money, so I narrowed it down to two series.

Ms. Marvel was a no-brainer for me. It has consistently been an amazing comic. It seemed like every issue made me burst out loud, and maybe it was because I read six issues in a row, but the latest issue? The last panel made me cry.  Ms. Marvel is simply everything I love about comics. A lot of conservative comic readers hate the book (likely without reading) because Kamala Khan, according to them, is just a SJW agenda character with no depth. Yet Kamala has more depth than most other superheroes are allowed. She’s Muslim and the child of Pakistani immigrants, that’s true. She deals with issues that white non-Muslims might not. But many aspects of her stories are universal. The first heartbreak (and ouch, that first asshole ex), dealing with strict parents who you love dearly, siblings you have difficulty relating to, being ostracized for being different- it seems like there’s something for everybody in Kamala’s story. And even if you don’t relate to her one little bit, you can at least admire her tenacity and strength. But seriously, how can you read a comic and not relate at all to the nerdy girl?

I knew I had to catch up on Lumberjanes as well. There was a bit of a revelation recently that was spoiled for me, but I didn’t mind. Lumberjanes, like Ms. Marvel, often has me bursting at the seams. The humour does not detract from it’s serious moments, but builds them up. I get a little exhausted by comics that are doom and gloom all the time with little levity, the heavy moments cease to feel heavy when there are so many of them. But Lumberjanes despite being first and foremost a hilarious comic, has some powerful moments peppered in with the hijinks and it works so well. It also has some of the best LGBTQ representation I have seen in comics and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see that especially in a humour book. It’s a world in which queer kids can be happy, funny, adventurous and most importantly, themselves.

So that’s where I am in comics now. There’s a few new series out now that I might pick up. Black Canary looks fun, Monstress is coming out in November, and of course so many Marvel books are getting a reset at a new shiny #1. I picked up Cyborg since there’s only two issues, and so far so good. I also picked up Secret Wars: Secret Love and I have NO regrets, especially for the Squirrel Girl story. I think I now ship her with Thor Odinson, or at least with his abs. She even names them!

Next week, the return of the pull list!