Well, I said last week I’d be back this week with a pull list, but I didn’t realize nothing I read comes out this week! I couldn’t find a new series released that sparked my interest either. So I’m going to catch up on stuff I missed while away.

Silk Spidergwen

First, I should point out that Marvel is having a “True Believer” sale. The first issue of some female led solo series are now .99 cents on Comixology. This includes Princess Leia, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Thor, Silk, Spider-Gwen, She-Hulk and Black Widow. Of those, Silk and Spider-Gwen were the only ones I missed out on so I’ll be checking those out, I heard nothing but good things about both series.  If you’ve been curious about any of those series, now is a great time to check them out!

squirrel girl

I’m catching up on Squirrel Girl this week! I bought the first two issues before I stopped reading comics, so by catching up on the other two from the first volume I can trade wait on the rest. And then pick up when the series relaunches.

black canary

I really like Wu’s art, so I also decided to catch up on Black Canary. I don’t want to totally drop DC after it canceled my faves, so this and Cyborg will probably be it for me for a while.