What!  We are halfway through October already.  Where did the year go?


Switch #1

Starting off with a new #1 series.  This is an out of continuity Witchblade story, which I’m not terribly familiar with, BUT I adore Stjepan Sejic’s art so I’ll take a leap of faith here.  After enjoying immense popularity on Deviantart, Sejic was convinced by fans to make this a regular series and this is the result!

Spider-Gwen 1

Spider-Gwen #1…again

Here’s a reminder that most Marvel series are relaunching with brand new #1s over the next few weeks.  Spider-Gwen only had five issues before the relaunch, so this might be a little confusing.  Regardless, Spider-Gwen is a really fun read and did I mention that I adore the costume?  I really need to get that hoodie.

Ms. Marvel 19

Ms. Marvel #19

Speaking of things I adore, Ms. Marvel is back!  Her book did not relaunch, thankfully.  If you didn’t read issue #18, SPOILER ALERT!  Last issue we found out that her mother knows she is Ms. Marvel.  I am very excited to see where this development goes, but from the preview it appears that she approves.  I really love the family dynamics going on and so glad to see them develop.


Lumberjanes: Beyond Bay Leaf Special #1
It’s the first Lumberjanes special!  Hooray!  This super sized special promises 44 pages of Lumberjanes fun.  Which is great, because the only complain about Lumberjanes I ever had was that an issue is always over too fast.