It’s that time of year when the spooky comics rise from the grave!  And just in time, I’m very nearly done Twilight and need a palate cleanser.

Black Magick

Black Magick #1

Greg Rucka?  Nicola Scott?  Witches?  Shut up and take my money!

From Under Mountains

From Under Mountains #2

The first issue was a little slow going, but promising.  I am also still enjoying the covers and interior art.

Angela queen of hel

Angela: Queen Of Hel #1

Angela returns after Secret Wars, with Sera at her side.  Years ago someone asked me if I knew of any trans superheroes, and at the time I couldn’t name one.  By my count, Sera is the only one coming out of Marvel or DC, so if you’re looking for some positive LGBT representation, you can’t miss Angela.

Squirrel Girl #1 again

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1…again

Now that Secret Wars is over, every Marvel series is getting a reset.  I thought they would make an exception for a few like Ms. Marvel, but even she isn’t being spared apparently.  So this is the second #1 from Squirrel Girl this year.  Despite that, Squirrel Girl is just 100% fun and often has me laughing out loud.

cyborg 4

Cyborg #4

I actually haven’t read #3 yet (whoops!)  but I did enjoy the first two issues enough to buy #4 anyway, I’ll have to catch up this weekend.  The plot as far as I have read is a little bit confusing, but I really like Cyborg as a character so far.  He’s kind of precious.

That’s it for me this week!  Blade #1 was supposed to come out this week but I apparently missed that it was delayed indefinitely, which is a huge bummer.  If anyone finds out what’s happening with it, let me know!